Günter Glück

I help SaaS owners to launch and grow their product.


Service Offerings

SaaS Consulting

You launched your SaaS Product and suffer from technical dept or stale sales. Let's overcome those bottlenecks.

Interims CTO

Your former CTO just suffered from a burnout or just left. I can jump in, become productive and guide your next steps.

Build Your MVP

You've got an idea and some budget to bring it to market. We work together within that budget to actually launch it.

Pre-Launch Audit

You almost made your way to launch your SaaS product but feel stuck on the last mile. Classic. Let's walk the last mile together, make sure everything is in shape and ship it.

Event Storming

This technique form Domain Driven Design is best suited for serious fields like financial/insurance services, medical data and everything where things have to just work. In a collaborative workshop we build a model for the most important areas in your business.

Architecture Audit

You built up some serious technical dept along the way to market and wonder how to architect your way out of the red zone. I make sure you're on the right path to actually pay back that dept.

Selected Works

Co-Founder & CTO


Automated Insurance Products
Karl the Bike Insurance


Mobile and Web Applications for resident doctors and integrated solutions for hospitals.
Frontend Development


Personal information and communication platform for health care professionals
Co-Founder & CTO


Management software for Stratas, Property Agencies and Brokerages.

How We Work

Getting Started

We find out if we are a good fit for each other.
I only take over projects where I'm 100% sure to bring a ROI of at least 3x

Initial Call

We schedule a quick initial call in order to clarify some questions and prepare for the next step. Roadmapping.


We do a collaborative Workshop called "Roadmaping" where we exactly define your business problem and map out the road to solve it.

Delivered Roadmap

After the Workshop you get a clear solution plan and everything we mapped out delivered to you. Then you can decide to implement it together and start right away or to take your plan and shop elsewhere. Freedom for you, no pressure.


Whatever we identified in the Roadmapping session will be implemented within the budget you planned for it. The main goal is to get to a solution in the quickest and and best way possible.

Let’s Get in Touch

Just drop me an email and let me know where you need help. 

We will work it out. 

Based in 

Vienna, Austria
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